Free Consultation



Step #1- Client Consultation

The first step is for us to assess the needs of your home. We take the necessary time to listen to your wants, ideas and get all the information we need to make sure your project is completed to your expectations and standards. A sit-down on-site meeting is necessary so we can really get a sense for the space.

Step #2 – Design (Optional)

Design is a very personal choice and it is not always required for each case. Our professional interior designer have a keen set of eyes which will cater to your specific style or preference.Having said that, we also encourage our clients to interview a number of designers to find someone they feel most comfortable with. Whether your decide to choose our design service or your own preference, we are happy to work with them to realize your dreams.

Step #3 - Scope of Work

The next step is providing an estimate with detailed plans to ensure you get what you want. Specifics of style, materials (flooring, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, countertops, tile etc.), drawings and design will be provided( if applicable), along with the time to explain and review how your dream space will come to life.

Step #6 - Project Completion And Warranty

In the final stage, all permit documentation will be completed, a final clean throughout will be done and the building is ready to move into. We provide all customers with a 2-year workmanship warranty to ensure them have total peace of mind.

Step #5 – Construction

All of our projects start with a detailed site preparation and protection to ensure the areas that are not being renovated stay clean and free of any damages. We also talk to adjacent neighbors informing them of the upcoming plans and listening to their concern. Once the prep work is complete, it is time to undertake demolition work. The old will be torn down for the new.We will stick to the contract and design plans once work is under way. We keep clients abreast of our pace and any problems we may encounter to ensure they are fully satisfied with our work.

Step #4 - Permit Application (Optional)

Depending on the type of renovation you're undertaking, some of the projects might need to gain permit from the appropriate local authority. In such case, we need to lodge a formal development application including architectural drawings (site plan, elevations, cross section and construction details as required); Engineering review & documentation. We will also take care of the communication and application process with the regulatory authority and make lives easier for homeowners.